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The next time you find yourself with the person you dislike the most, try making

the first move.

MAKE THAT MOVE: Steel yourself, breathe deeply, and smile. By doing that, you don’t

have to dread running into that person for the rest of the time.

By you approaching them first, gives you the upper hand

IN AND OUT: A topic is usually exhausted in about 10 minutes, a good time to make your exit.

So what do you talk about? Anything, except what will set each other off

THINK POSITIVE: There is always something you can find to like about that person, ask

him questions until you do. Afterward, he will probably change his mind about you too, for your interest

in him.

DON’T BURN YOUR BRIDGE: He just might be a pompous blowhard, but everyone is a potential client, customer,

manager or a likely friend at some point. By making an effort to be civil, you’re ensuring your future too.



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