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Hi, my name is Wellington Warlock, I spent the last 12 years working in the security industry, first as a security officer, a security supervisor and a field inspector. I also worked 3 years as part of a Rapid Response Team for a hospital’s psyche ward. Half of my 12 years doing this I sold security products from a catalog until a year ago Security On One was born. www.securityonone is basically about products I have used or tested at some time or another in the field. I have also learn how essential it is to maintain the security of individuals as well as property. Security On One is focused on retailing various security alarm devices, discreet cameras and self defense products. Our mission is to have self defense products and security surveillance systems in every home and business When you visit our website, you will be introduced to a variety of personal safety products and hidden cameras, diversion safes and hidden cameras designed as everyday items that are user friendly and easy to install. Most of the products that we offer are portable and can be moved from one place to another easily. We also have several wireless cameras that are made in USA, assuring quality and reliability of it’s features which can transmit signals over a thousand feet. Thanks you for taking the time to stop by Sincerely, Wellington Warlock

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